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laotou (1714 posts) • 0

@canada - there was a massive string on pools in KM - take a look using the search bar.

I don't recall anyone mentioning hotel pools - but if money isn't an issue - hotel pools are usually ("usually") cleaner and definitely less used/abused. But you'll also have to exercise the usual caveat emptor - as negligence abounds everywhere in china - to include shortcuts on pool chlorination, negligent lifeguards - assuming they're present at all, etc, etc ad infinitum.

If you do manage to find a clean pool, sometimes (usually) it's the locker rooms which reek.

Most pools tend to be indoors with a rather abysmal lack of ventilation - they have ventilation fans but turn them off to conserve energy.

AlPage48 (1355 posts) • 0

There's a pool on Beijing Lu just south of the number 10 middle school. My wife has been and says it is clean and the locker rooms were good too. I don't know about cost. This is north of the Beijing Road Walmart about 2 KM on the west side.

There's a good indoor pool at the Expo Garden hotel but they close it for the winter. That makes no sense since it's inside.

bosnianXCII (36 posts) • 0

is there any pool with a diving board or a diving platfoarm in kunming. I'd love to find something high to jump off of in a safe environment, especially since the chinese won gold medals in diving at the last olympics, i'd think they should have at least one place here

AlPage48 (1355 posts) • 0

I know that the Kunming Sports Center by the lake has a diving board and tower and was used to train some of the Olympic athletes. I believe it's open to the public on weekends.

Aaron Chan (4 posts) • 0

I think the Expo garden hotel can suffice you with comfortable surroundings and acceptable price if you are not far away from it

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