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Where to buy Wii in Kunming

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

I want to buy Wii.

Where is a good place to do this.
Some vendors also throw in a lot of games, that may or may not be copies.

Any suggestions welcomed, please.

Neverwinter (26 posts) • 0

Try Kunming Wushuang Games (昆明无双电玩), I've personally bought two PSP's and one NDSL there. They (a couple) provide authentic products and are very friendly and helpful.

Address: Booth A9, 4F, Tower A, Baiteng Digital Plaza, No. 121 North Yuantong Rd
Phone: 156 8785 2272
QQ: 9155 89572

You may need to take a Chinese person with you, though.

Pierre (46 posts) • 0

Go to the location "Neverwinter" gave you in the post above. There are several shops selling gaming consoles.

But please, please, please... do not try to start the next media hype about those shops not being "authenticated resellers". As Chinese law states, gaming consoles with exchangeable programs are banned in China, only those with fixed programs are allowed, but the producers have to get a permit in order for the consoles to be legally sold (only Chinese consoles, with Chinese games have this permit). Everything else (PS1, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii, hell even Gameboys) is/are illegally imported to China.

That's one reason to look out which version is being sold to you, especially important for the Wii you're planning to buy. Check if it's a NTSC or PAL (I don't know which one is better, or even if one is better), and check which games are available for each version; choose accordingly.

And because everything IS illegal, they make it even better by selling you a cracked version of the console, so that you can download or buy plain copies of the games.

Price-wise I recommend the following practice. Go on Taobao and check for the usual price of a Wii. Add about 10-15% to this price and it should represent the street-price you'll have to pay. If the vendor is actually kind or offering customer service you might even want think about paying 20% extra (keep in mind possible future "warranty" [read re-cracking] cases).

Do not expect getting a Fapaio (official recede), but try getting an "official" Shouju at least.

Have fun!!!

lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0


I bought a Wii, 3 controllers, 3 nunchuck add-ons, two gun accessories, 2 dance mats, 1 guitar, 1 drum and 10 games in October of 2009 for 2600RMB 昆明无双电玩. There are different shops there, but they are basically owned by the same person so it doesn't really matter which store you buy the Wii from (though I was unable to eventually get a lower price after going to each store, go figure). I was given an official receipt. I haven't had problems with my Wii with the exception that some of the games wouldn't play. This has now been fixed as the problem was that I didn't have the latest code breaking program (which they later installed for 100rmb) so some of the games wouldn't play. Games cost 4rmb a piece (all are copies). I don't know of any PAL vs. NTSC restriction on the games.

DenLee (49 posts) • 0

I know there were several places mentioned in this topic, but before I go explore the town (which would take a whole day), can you, please, tell me where can I buy SECOND HAND Wii (in good shape)?

Or just, where can I buy Wii the cheapest in Kunming? I do not need 2 trucks of accessories and stuff, I don't even really require the console to be chipped/softmoded, I just want the cheapest quality purchase of the console itself (if it's moded then OK if it isn't overpriced) and the basic controllers required to play games like Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda etc.

Thank you!

DenLee (49 posts) • 0

Come on, nobody plays games anymore? :)

Does really no one know where can I buy a second-hand Wii in Kunming? There should be literally tons of these machines available somewhere!

Neverwinter (26 posts) • 0

The same console shops should be where you can make an enquiry. Once the boss of the abovementioned shop asked me whether I grew tired of the PSP 3000, in which case he'd be willing to buy it back second-hand.

Or you may wanna try Ganji (the biggest web site for selling and buying of second-hand stuff, that I know of); beware though, the deals are completely 'tween individuals themselves and there's no guarantee of any sort by the site itself.

The link on Ganji for 2nd-hand gaming devices in Kunming: km.ganji.com/youxiji/

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