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New mexican restaurant near Metro?

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

I heard there's a new Mexican restaurant just north of Metro. Anyone know the name and address?

Pen140 (1 post) • 0

It's called Cacao and it's in the Fortune Centre on the same road as Metro. Turn right off Beijing Lu on the way to Metro and the Fortune Centre is immediately on the left. Go past the Specialized bike shop and turn left and it's a couple of hundred yards down. Signs outside, on the 4th floor.

Quester (232 posts) • 0

Fortune Center D2B 4th floor. The entrance is via the ground level just to the left of where the Bei Chen walking street comes out to the Fortune Center area. Great food & decor. Opened by a Mexican guy.

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

I will try it but my experience so far with Mexican food in China has been: learn to make it yourself. Home made deep fried tortilla chips are NOT tostadas. Carne Asada isnott an enchilada okay. There is some ingredient that can not be bought in china for the making of real corn tortillas. Enchiladas are always flour tortillas or some other thing I don't know how to identify. I have never had a real corn tortilla in china. I lived 12 years in San Antonio Tx and know Tex-Mex food. A place in Beijing billed itself as authentic Tex-Mex food. Again, Carnegie Asada is not an enchilada! A a tea spoon dip of rice and beans in not how Mexican food is served in Texas. Oh yea, but you can

order more ala carte for 30 rmb.

I will try it and hope for the best. So far wicker basket has a couple passable Mexican

dishes. If the place is owned by a Mexican man okay, but chances are there are Chinese guys in the kitchen doing what Chinese cooks do best to western and foreign food in general; screwing it

all up and "Chinesizing" it.

Geezer (1930 posts) • 0

I learned to love Mexican food in East LA. I guess that is pretty much Tex-Mex. You will not get Tex-Mex at Cacao.

The food was good but not what I expected.

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

After 7 years in China don't expect much. I give up on this stuff and have actually learned to make (with twice) my own pizza and lasagna and various thick and hearty soups. My wife can make killer tortillas and next on my list is learning to make casseroles. I recenly went to a restaurant near Yunda on wenhuaxiang (will not name it) and ordered a salami sandwich. That is what it said on the menu man. I got three paper thin slices of salami or pepperoni on two pieces of bread for

28rmb. No lettuce or tomato or mayo mustard or cheese. Just thin slice of salami on bread.

Another place said ham and cheese sandwich. I asked if it was that crappy potted "spam"stuff and

was assured it was western ham. Liars. I'll be damned if it was not just Chinese spam with some weird cheese and cucumber slices. They cannot make sandwiches in KM. People like Just Hot out of

desperation I guess but their sandwiches suck. I just get the supplies from Metro and make my own, but last time I went they were out of all the good ham. Totally out. So I bought some stuff that was obviously Chinese but the packgaelooked like Hormel and the slices were sandwich sized and thin. Guess what. Sandwiched sized Chinese spam! Good God.

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