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nana71 (21 posts) • 0

"NaNa" Chinese Corner ("娜娜"中文角)
Hey, guys!
Are you interested in Chinese culture? Do you want to improve your Chinese study level? Or are you still looking for nice Chinese people to talk? So come here to join us——"Na Na Chinese corner" in Kawana Cafe. There are different topics every week, help you know more Chinese culture and adapt China life. Besides, of course you can make more and more Chinese friends.

Chinese teacher organize this Chinese corner, just wish to offer a good chance to foreigners who want to communicate with Chinese people. So free to talk, free entry. You only need to pay your soft drink.

Don't be hesitate, bring your foreigner or Chinese friends, Come here, join us !!! O(∩_∩)O~~~~~~

PS. Welcome both foreigner and Chinese join us. Expect your coming~~~~

The time: Every Tuesday evening 19:30pm~21:30pm

Tonight:June 21st The Theme : China life 中国的生活

Kawana cafe——Kunming justice shopping mall north centre qian wang street No 51.


If you are interested in Chinese corner, or any questions don't be hesitate call me know more about information:
Joanna 13888018092 or email: [email protected]

JessicaBaker (78 posts) • 0

I would be interested in it. i am American and fluent in chinese but would be happy to have some practice. is it still going on? maybe i will go next tuesday

Huddo (3 posts) • 0

Sounds good, I'll be there! However I'm new to Kunming and could not find the above address on Google maps or on my map. Could you please copy and paste the address from Google maps?


nana71 (21 posts) • 0

Of course, welcome anybody join us. Don't worry, there are some foreigners also like you just beginner often come to our chinese corner.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

I'm always amazed by the incredible Mandarin skills of some foreigners in Kunming. How many years did it take to become so proficient? Then again, with so few English speakers I guess it's something you just have to be able to do, at least eventually (after you've lived there for a while). I would like to join this group too, once I'm back in Kunming.

nana71 (21 posts) • 0

OK, Weclome you join us anytime. No matter you are beginner or high level. I'm sure you can improve your chinese by our Chinese corner.

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