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Where to Rent electric bike in Kunming?

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

Better check the weather, I think rainy season has started and ebikes are no fun in the rain. Also, you could ride one in Guangdong or Guangxi or Fujian, just go somewhere else besides Shenzhen or Guangzhou. For Kunming, I think one of the small shops that sell ebikes south on xichang lu south of ciba lu should have a used one for rent. They don't advertise so you just go to each one asking.

laofengzi (376 posts) • 0

almost all of them rent normal bikes(2per hour) most of them rent out electric bikes (4 per hour). But you need to have a student ID from the school or 身份证.

I know all the schools in chenggong rent bikes and ebikes.

satii (80 posts) • 0

You may have noticed the new batch of electric powered bicycles by Alipay's Hellobike. These are different from Alipay's new ebike scooters mentioned in another thread.

These blue battery powered bicycles with black, bulky handlebar costs 2rmb to ride. First 20 minutes are free for time being.

The thrust packs a punch as initial pedaling is automatically assisted to reduce work of acceleration from rest. A bit forceful at times, but wonderful for inclined slopes or times when riders would rather conserve energy.

The battery meter bar seems to recharge on its own during the rides. Perhaps some sort of built-in kinetic recharger?

In any case, riding these e-bicycles have become less strenuous and fun for daily commuters that need to go up slopes.


Younger, inexperienced riders need to take precaution as they reach relatively fast speeds, particularly on declines.

Also, the vehicle automatically shuts down upon leaving city center zone, as seen on Alipay's Hellobike map. The bike would probably speak to you in Mandarin before this incidence, as it does when you activate/deactivate their service.

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