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Where to Rent electric bike in Kunming?

tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0


A friend of mine is coming in 2 weeks to discover Kunming.
I would love to introduce him to the city best spots using electric bike, which I find much more convenient and funny than using taxi.

Has anyone heard about a place renting electric bike ?

Or would you have your electric bike to rent for a week?


mehnyaa (52 posts) • 0

I have a electric bicycle where you can paddle when batt is low....
how much are u willing to pay per day? am in need of cash loL!

tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0

Thx for the offer, but I am much more interested in real electric bike not bicycle with paddle.

Though it is convenient, it is also much more slow.
I am ready to pay up to 50 RMB a day for a nice one!

John Xie (109 posts) • 0

I have electric bicycle to rent. (and also have car. bus to rent). the charge is 40 per day. provide with lock and recharger. contact me 13354949490 John Xie or email: johnxie@189.com thank you!

tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0

Great John,
I tried to send you an email but delivery failed.
Could you just describe brievly your bike (especially power and autonomy) and send me a picture of it.
I would need it from 24th for about a week.

John Xie (109 posts) • 0

Hi tiger. the speed is around 30+ km/h. go 40km per charge. I will send you a pictrue tommarrow. my email is johnxie@189.cn

JayinHK (6 posts) • 0

Anyone know of stores that rent eBikes now? I live in Hong Kong, where they're illegal, aside from the high end kind that are certified as motorcycles. Would love to try one.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • 0

I can't really help you for Kunming sorry. The only place I know is at the tourist area below Xishan, and that is about 12 KM out of town.
However, If by any chance you are visiting other cities in Yunnan, I was in Dali last month, nearly all the bicycle hire places have become almost exclusively ebike hire. There was also ebike hire in Shaxi (small town). It would be safe to assume that all tourist areas have ebike hire now.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Try any university campus. I know at least one that has multiple concessions.

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