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Heard they're reopening this Friday, but possibly at a different location. I'll post a followup when I have more solid details from management.

piers (144 posts) • 0

The Kundu location of Uprock will not be re-opening. Our landlord, who also owned Cupid, was a complete nightmare causing all sorts of problems behind the scenes. For those of you who had the misfortune to come across him at Uprock I can only apologise and hope that he didn't ruin your night. He frequently ruined ours.

Uprock is now going to team up with Skyhouse at their location on Baoshan Jie. The bar has an amazing setting on the 9th floor with views over Kunming. It was set up by 3 local DJs who were tired of the Kundu-pop club scene and wanted to do something different away from that area. The new reincarnation aims to honour this legacy by bringing in top DJs from around China and Asia and putting on a wide range of events both during the week and at weekends. Our goal is to create a really friendly place that people can come down to for a quiet drink and a game of pool during the week and then crank it up at the weekends with bands and dancing tunes.

This weekend we're throwing a re-opening party to celebrate the new collaboration. DJ Groovemiki is flying in to play and we're expecting a pretty awesome night. Entry is absolutely FREE.

Over the next few weeks we'll be making improvements to the bar, adding bits 'n pieces, taking away things that we don't like and we'd like to get your feedback during that time. Please feel free to post on this forum and we'll look to incorporate good, feasible ideas into our plans.

In the meantime please be patient with us as we work out the kinks.

Directions to Skyhouse:

Skyhouse is located 5-10 minutes walk from the Hump at Number 1 Bao Shan on Baoshan Jie. It's in the same building as Bread Works, take the elevator to the top (8th) floor and then just walk up one flight of stairs to Skyhouse. Baoshan Jie runs parallel to both Nanping Jie and Jinbi Lu midway between the two.

sean1sean1 (82 posts) • 0

Hey uhhhhh, I left my Chinese guzheng (the big as harp looking thing) at uprock right before it closed after playing there one night... is it safe to say there is no hope for getting it back? If getting it back is possible, I would deffinitely offer a reward due to the inconvience.

piers (144 posts) • 0

I've been told that your guzheng is still in the Kundu venue. The quickest way to retrieve it would be to head down there after 7pm and ask the Cupid people to open the door and let you get it out.

The only number I have is for the owner Liu Chang - 13808709799. You'll have to explain what happened to him.

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