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piers (144 posts) • 0

The current listings pages are great but if there are restaurants/bars/cafes/others not listed that we want to review what can we do?

My suggestion (pure genius) is for readers to enter their favourite unlisted restaurants/bars/cafes/others on this thread and then the great minds behind GoKunming can choose whether to add them to the main pages. Don't review here just suggest...

Here goes:

Fei Yang Teppanyake (FengNing Xiao Qu & Kundu)
Mix Club (Kundu)
Hou Gong (Kundu)
Catwalk Club (Near Metro on Beijing Lu)
Windsor KTV (Take your pick)
Hao Le Di KTV
Le Kang Vet (Hua Niao Shi Chang directly oppo Red Star on Jin Hua PuLu)
Happy Soccer Union (for indoor football pitches)

Matthew (73 posts) • 0

Thanks Piers - good idea.

We're getting together a page where readers can submit new places directly into our listings system, but it might be next week before that appears. In the meantime, either jot suggestions here as Piers suggests, or ping us a message through the GoKunming contact form, which is located at www.gokunming.com/en/contact/contact.php

"great minds"? i'm honoured :)

Bernie (101 posts) • 0

Dear Great Mind; Permit an additional cents worth (More if you can afford it).

It seems to me that there is a huge number of Listings that have been around since the beginning. Now, that's good, the more the merrier. It will keep the data entry guys happy. ;-)

But, what purpose do these excellent Listings serve? The reader isn't just interested in names and telephone numbers -- although, perhaps an address is useful. I believe that people want to check the Ratings or Reviews, and it is frustrating when, page after page, there aren't many.

Could those who submit a listing be encouraged to a give a rating, or a review, at the same time.

Bernie (101 posts) • 0

Hi Matthew;

I think that you missed the point of my last paragraph? I mean, if people are just going to supply names, quality unknow, are they expecting you and I to visit and report back to them? Then, a subsidy would come in useful. I accept that not everyone likes to write but, at least, give a rating. :(

For example, believe it or not, there are probably a number of people out there who are saying, 'What on earth are Feiyang Teppanyaki branches?' I'm certain that Piers could give a rating?

piers (144 posts) • 0

Bernie it's you that seems to misunderstand. The point of this thread was to allow people to add suggested listings. Once listed we can review. Reviewing on this thread will just require Matthew to cut n' paste everything into the new page. in any case that problem is no longer relevant. We can use the new form to add our favourite places. Of course i intend to review my suggestions and will do soon.

On the other hand i do agree that there are far too many irrelevant listings that clog up the page. All the places in Dali could be put separate from the local listings.

Matthew would it be possible to be able to have a function to be able to only view places with reviews? That would solve both issues.

'What on earth are Feiyang Teppanyaki branches?' Jump in a cab and find out or wait for my review.

Bernie (101 posts) • 0

Mmm, well Genius, that almost sounds as if you are on the GoKunming staff. Nevertheless, you continue on to (in part) agree with me. Perhaps, if you read my post again, you will see that I wrote that you "could give a rating?" That would take about 30 seconds -- I said nothing about a review.

As to ideas, I would suggest that the site does not add many more functions, especially as the Listings is still in the Beta stage. But, a great deal of time could be saved if the 'Tag' field be replaced (is it really important?) with a field to allow people to add new establishments and, then, make the 'Rating' field mandatory, i.e., no new establishments or reviews unless a Rating is given. Then, in time, every Listing will have, at least, a rating . . . and no data input staff! ;-)

Misunderstanding? I don't agree, but we shouldn't dwell it, should we.

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