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Marrying a local...

vagabond48 (75 posts) • 0

Great information. I live in Chiang Mai Thailand and I plan to marry my Kunming Chinese GF next year probably back in Kunming. Chiang Mai has a US Consulate so I was wondering if it mattered to the Chinese government that I got my single's declaration from them and then got it translated back in Kunming? Can I assume that the tourist visa which I have had during my last 3 visits will be acceptable to get married here?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

If your fiancee's hukou (household registration) is in Kunming - then you can pretty much get married wherever you want. IF, however her hukou is in some remote far away place - you MAY want to consider getting married in Thailand somewhere (it's allegedly easy) - get the thai or english docs registered at the consulate/embassy, then bring everything back to China for re-registration (and get yourself added to your new wife's household registration).

Safer to cover all the bases and go with the path of least resistance/red tape.

Capitatus (2 posts) • 0

Congrats, Ocean and Danmairen. Nice, btw, to see another Scandinavian getting hitched in this part of the world.

Am admittedly on my first marriage visa (got married to a Dali woman in 2009, but was on work visas for various schools until recently), but I was told when I applied for it (in Dali) that it is only for one year the first time around; next time I apply for one I'll be able to get a two-year visa. That said, I haven't looked up whether that's correct or not. Other than that I can only verify what other people have said.

justalex (21 posts) • 0

AlPage48, I doubt that's the easy way... I couldn't even get my girl friend out of the country for a simple vislt to America. We went thru the whole procedure and it was declined... I figure the 'easiest' way in this case would be to do the deed in China and then apply for the rest later.

AlPage48 (1256 posts) • 0

Not as hard as it sounds. although my wife is a Kunming girl she had moved to Toronto and gained Canadian citizenship, so going to Las Vegas on Canadian passports was pretty easy. I agree it would be difficult (if not impossible) for a Chinese citizen to accompish.

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