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Kiss your teaching jobs guh-bye

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china's gonna be all over these obedient teachers like flies on stink:[...]

they won't buy them, of course, oh no. they will invite the Filipino company here, propose a joint venture, set up a factory, have employees figure out all the know-怎么, and then cancel the contract, only to set up their own production and make 'inspired homages', which they will then trumpet on cctv as yet-another giant leap in the country's technological prowess (like they did with japanese bullet trains and russian jet fighters).

check out this rolls roy—um, geely:[...]

the three differences being price, quality and the fact that it has ONE seat in the back, a throne for an oligarch....

geely's supposed to start selling in the u.s. in 2011....the detroitization of america has come full circle.

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