Kunming sucks the life out of me...

lesterness (57 posts) • 0

They eat a lot of rice in Philippines, too. If you don't like China, probably you won't like Philippines.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

We used the name "Kunming sucks the life out of me" as our team name in the Trivia Quiz at Chapter One tonight and we won. I'd like to think that you, Gaoxing, had some part in our success. Thank you so much!

mingdao (40 posts) • 0

Time to move ... Kunming had too many people, too much filth, and too much selfishness for me. So, off to another city. Same culture, less filth, and less people per square inch.

gaoxing (63 posts) • 0

Every day that I wake up, I get depressed every time I open my window. There is nothing here that is visually appealing, period.

The structures in the city have no "flavor" to them. Everything looks the same.

There is nothing to eat here except the high-priced food they serve at good ole' Salvador's.

Oh yeah, the service at Salvador's sucks. I find it funny they have a tip jar...hahahaha Their tip jar is nothing more than a paradox...hahaha If you people at Salvador's think I am going to leave a tip, you're crazy. You people need to learn how to wait on your customers...

Most of the private language schools around here that offer Chinese classes are a rip-off. Most of the schools just want your money and nothing more.

I can't get out of here. It's not like I can go to some travel office and buy a ticket. I can't speak Chinese.

I can't use my credit cards here in China so I can't book a ticket online.

How the heck the do I get out of this black hole???

Ricci (8 posts) • 0

Gao Xing, use the internet to find your nearest Embassy, call them and ask them for immediate help to bring you back to your country...
hmm, maybe you don't want to do that....
You see, normal people will not go to places they don't like. I mean if I dislike a certain establishment I just don't go there, point that's it. But there are people who go to the same place all the time and complain no matter what. Not enough light one time, the next time it will be too much light, it doesn't matter what the staff and management does, these kind of people just will allways complain, it's impossible to make them happy, but they allways return.
I guess that's what they need in their life. You seem to be such a person, no matter where you will go you will allways complain. You will never leave Kunming, because this is what you want.
Good luck, hope you will never be my customer ;)

JJ and Janice (324 posts) • 0

GAOXING - -I'm assuming that your rants are all "tongue in cheek" in attempts to elicit some response.

If, though, you are true - - then go to Expedia.com. There you can use English and credit cards to book tickets out - - and you can leave Kunming to those of us who really like it!!

Cheers - - JJ

QQWEN (22 posts) • 0

Don't speak Chinese so can't get out of here? I wonder how you got in at the first place? A big bird speaks English carried you in?

laotou (1715 posts) • 0

Gaoxing - ctrip.com has an english site - (sorry JJ) and some of the cheapest fares in China. Good luck with your exit. Oh...if you'd like to leave for free - there's an article on a stalker in Beijing - not sure what exactly he did to attract the PSB - but he got a free ejection from china...police escort - the hole 9 yards...

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