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where to fix a hard drive in kunming

kiwikiwi (16 posts) • 0

My computer hard drive has crashed, and i can't access anymore.

Can you recommend a good place in Kunming which can possibly fix the hard drive and/or recover the files?


Krismoonpie (78 posts) • 0

There are a few good repair shops on Yi Er Yi around the yuan tong bei lu intersection. I've gone to the repair shop at Yi Er Yi Da Jie #86 5162282 and have had good results. It just depends on how serious your problem is.

mingdao (40 posts) • 0

Most Chinese computer shops are not interesting in recovering data. Contact Zhao Le Hui 赵乐辉 at Ying Ma -- 5196800, or his cell -- 13888815002, and tell him Mingdao 明道 sent you.

Even if the drive has damaged sectors and can't run on Windows, I should be able to recover your data with tools using Linux. I'm in the States now, and will return to China on June 18. If you haven't gotten anything done by then, you can email me for help.

mingdao (40 posts) • 0

Hey kiwikiwi,

Did you get your data off your crashed hard drive? If not, you can email me through the forum and I'll give you my address in Dali, where you can send it and I'll recover whatever is not toasted and save for you.

invisible (17 posts) • 0


I got a question. My friend's hard drive crashed (fell on the ground during moving) and I went to a data recovery center in Chengdu, specifically requesting them to get me back the *.RAW files on the disk. Instead they recovered the JPGs, which is useless (and RMB400???). Can you recommend a program to recover *.RAW files? You said you were using linux tools does it make any difference to windows? Thanks for your time:)

mingdao (40 posts) • 0

Hi invisible,

When you drop a hard drive, usually the read arm or platter(s), at the least, are physically damaged. My experience with a true data recovery center will use electronic devices to recover the data directly from the platters, getting everything on there. The last person I know of who did this paid $900 USD. Although I do not know, it is my opinion that for 400RMB all that was done is run some type of data recovery program, which you can download and install free off the internet, and recover photos (JPEG files).

When a hard drive is damaged, your Windows operating system (almost always) can not read it. Linux can read the drive most of the time, not all of the time. In Linux we have programs (dd, dcfldd) which will copy the data bit by bit, making a direct copy of whatever is on the drive. There are also other programs which will copy the files just as they are, not a low level as dd or dcfldd, etc. Linux can read and write to all Windows file systems. If there are any *.RAW files on the hard drive, Linux can copy them exactly as they are. If they're damaged on the Windows file system of that hard drive, they will still be damaged.

I am not getting notices when someone replies to a thread where I have replied. Usually with a forum, an email notice is sent when you are subscribed to the thread. I don't see any way to even change settings for GoKunming except to change my password.

I don't want to post my email of phone on this list, as it has already been responsible for sending me spam. However, if there is a way that you can email me through this forum, or you would like to post your email or phone number, I will email or SMS you. Hope you understand.

invisible (17 posts) • 0


thanks for the reply, so maybe I should install linux and see how it goes, so far I only run a live cd to check it, looks like a bit of mafan ahead - on the other hand it's summer and nothing to do:)

yes I wouldn't mind to change some forum settings, but afaik there is a major upgrade ahead, the question is when:) wink wink

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