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Richland Hospital

Marc0746 (33 posts) • 0

Chris, any info on the trashing of Richland Hospital that occured last week? Any info on the new western medical clinic that opened in Xi Shan Qu? Thanks, Marc

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

A woman died during childbirth. Of course this can happen anywhere and was not necessarily an example of any negligence. However the hospital hid it from the family for 24 hours which is most certainly negligent.

Really? (2 posts) • 0

My friend talked to some of the family who was out front and they said that they put her under and she didn't wake back up and the doctors fled the city. Who knows what's true but that place is a joke.

Marc0746 (33 posts) • 0

I had an operation there 3 years ago, maybe lucky to wake-up, but at the time it was an emergency. I chose there because there was no other cleaner place. Up until the incident there last week, have continued to go there and to local hospitals for medical treatment of every variety. Life is fragile and hospitals are the last place we want to set foot in. Competency in every corner of the earth is rare.

Quester (233 posts) • 0

So the article is saying that the hospital has been blockaded and damaged to the extent that they have stopped taking patients? For nearly a week?

bucko (690 posts) • 0

I've been telling you people about Richland. It's nothing more than a local govt hospital in fancy wrapping with ridiculous pricing! You are not smart to use this place!!!

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