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Camera Shops in Kunming

saikyo (13 posts) • 0

Hello, I want to buy a nice new comfortable camera strap for my DSLR that does't chop my head off when I carry the the camera around all day.

Does anyone know of a camera shop in kunming with a good selection?

raziel (1 post) • 0

does anyone have specific recommendations for places to buy polaroid camera in Kunming? I'm going to there next week

Master Shake (20 posts) • 0

Any recommendations on a specific shop or in which to buy a high quality point and shoot digital camera? One with a wide range of brands and models would be best.

mingdao (40 posts) • 0

What about a repair shop for Sony?

We got our old Sony DSC-F707 repaired at the Sony Repair Center across from Yunnan TV last year. They even gave us 90-day warranty. The same problem started again at 93 days, and they would not honor the warranty 3 days out. No complaint ... but don't want to put another 500 into this camera with that shop. Might consider another shop that's less expensive.

I do know from building and repairing computers 8 years in KM that there are small shops who repair laptops much better, and much cheaper, than the manufacturers shops in KM (HP, Toshiba, Acer, ect.)


Funny post Google maps link to US. :-)

Banjoe (9 posts) • 0

I'm really curious about the camera shops out there; are they all sort of small mom-n-pop places, or are there some "neat and tidy" shops selling DSLRs and the like?

tigertiger - moderator (5083 posts) • 0

There are no big chains that do bulk purchasing and pass on the discounts here.
There is BestBuy in China (not Kunming yet), but as they have no competition they are not passing on the savings.

There are also a lot of cameras for sale in the computer malls. But beware of fakes. I even saw a fake Cannon store in one city.

The camera shop on Beijing Lu near Ginko does have a reasonable selection of cameras. But there are lots of camera shops in every city.

IshyP (2 posts) • 0

Is there an authorized Canon dealer in Kunming, I may need to buy a new SLR (Canon 7D) I am wary of fakes. If not can anyone recommend a good place in China (or would I need to go to Hong Kong)

Any help would be greatly appreciated



suprise:) (3 posts) • 0

Go to one two one street(一二一大街),lotus bus satation(莲花池),there are a big market there to buy camera,computer,accessories about it.

I believe you could find good and cheap one there.

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