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Board Games, anyone?

scottco1986 (20 posts) • 0

Hi! I'm an American guy living in Kunming, and I'm fairly bored. Most of my friends are traveling for Chun Jie, and I miss playing board games. I really haven't played any since I was at home last year, but I like all kinds, especially more strategic games like Settlers of Catan, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, etc.

Would anyone be interested in getting together to play? I don't personally own any games here, but there is the Game Cafe on WenLin Jie. If we got a few people together, it could be fun. Let me know!

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

Hi, I am Daniel, the owner of the Game Cafe.

Every Monday from 7.30 there is a language-game corner. It is a great way to meet Chinese and foreigners alike interested in boardgames. The ambiance is really easy going and there is always a little group of real game enthusiast coming. For example, Settlers of Catan have been played quite a few times in the last 2 months.

It will run all Mondays this months excepted the 15th. It's just 5 kuai for the evening.

Hope to see you there and maybe we can have a game together.

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

Enforcing smoke-free places in Kinming is impossible, i wish i could as i am a non-smoker myself.

However we have quite a few seats next to the windows, afternoon are fairly quiet, which means you can have a table without smoke near you easily.

On Monday night the people of the language corner are quite civilized and always accommodate non-smokers as best as possible.

woofwoof (6 posts) • 0

Resurrecting a fairly old thread, but I'm interested in finding a group of board game players perhaps during weekday evenings. I would also like to see what games are available at the Game Cafe...

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

Well, at the game café we have a Foreigners' night on Tuesday from 7pm.

We have all sort of board games, and close to 150 different one. I'm personnaly a big fan of strategic games. Some of my personal favourites at the moment are Endeavor, Imperial 2030, settlers of Catan. In general I'm good to play any games as long as they are not brain dead games :) I can teach a lot of the games i have.

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