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Victory Vietnamese Coffee

birdabroad (40 posts) • 0

I am intrigued by the GoKunming listing for Victory Vietnamese Coffee (越南胜利咖啡). Is this an actual cafe with an address somewhere in Kunming? Or just a company that you can buy beans from (in which case, do you just call them and say you want to make a purchase)?

Any info would be appreciated!

Onobaron (11 posts) • 0

Hello birdabroad,

Victory Vietnamese Coffee (VVC) is a wholesaler of 100% Robusta beans imported from Vietnam. Currently, VVC beans are available retail from Green Kunming.


You can order beans online from Green Kunming or pick them up at Oasis Gift Shop located on Tianjundian Xiang (the alley connecting Wenhua Xiang and Wenlin Jie). For orders of 10 kilograms or more, please use the contact information listed on gokunming.com.

Thank you for your inquiry, and I hope this is helpful.

rdali (6 posts) • 0

It's the only coffee I drink now. Great aroma, flavor and of course, more caffeine than arabica beans. I usually buy and roast my own green beans from Yunnan, but that lacks a lot of the flavor and fullness of robusta beans. Give it a try, it'll be worth your while

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