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Forums > Living in Kunming > Where can I make international calls?

IP card or 17908 card for international calls. 100kuai-worth of time for usually less than 30 kuai per card. available at kiosks that sell phone cards. works from your mobile phone, but only in the Kunming area.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa Question

Yes, you can change a student visa into a tourist visa. The school that issued you the visa must apply to have the "X" visa changed, usually requiring a passport photo, a completed application form, and sometimes a short letter (from you) asking for permission to change the visa.

Again, only the school that issued the original visa can apply to have it changed.

Good luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Certifying documents in Kunming

I looked for the card but couldn't find it, sorry, but there is a provincial translation authority that can translate and certify documents. That is, they were able to certify a translation of my American driver's license, thus allowing me to only have to take the written exam. They may be able to translate your document and stamp that translation.

It's located at the corner of wu yi lu(五一路) and guo fang lu(国防路) down a small alley. Just go to where the small alley ends and there is an office, where they will be surprised to see you, and ask them if they can translate your document.

Forums > Food & Drink > No Smoking at Salvador's?

Hey Colin,

As a smoker I understand the imposition we smokers often thrust on to others. I agree with your reasons for wanting to ban smoking, I worked in bars for years, and sympathize with those employees that have to work amongst clouds of cigarette smoke.

I have to disagree that a smoking ban would hurt the Chinese patronage, don't think I've ever seen a customer leave because they were told they couldn't smoke on the first floor.

What no one has mentioned in this thread though is the increased number of customers who would be occupying the entry way to Salvador's. Not only is this space already limited, but I get the feeling that the number of laowai on the front step often deters potential walk-in business. I often hear Chinese people assuming that there are no tables inside purely based on the number of smokers milling around the front. Please consider the possibility that adding to these numbers might be the most negative result of a smoking ban. The compromise of upstairs smoking and downstairs non-smoking is a very reasonable solution, although seemingly over looked by those who suggested smoking sections.

Forums > Study > American English, British English...who cares?

I feel like this thread was started specifically to bait people into argumentative and possibly generalized responses. I also think that those commenting on either side of the discussion need to take a second look at the original question. The preference of schools for American English is simply due to the overwhelming number of American native speakers to all other native English speaking countries. see graph:

Laotou, as a non-native English speaker, please keep your comments and opinions to yourself. British English and American English are the same language. What you have suggested in this thread is that different dialects of a given language are inferior to others. Perfect example, standard (Beijing dialect) pu tong hua and Kunming hua. Using your assessment process, the "harshness" of Kunming hua makes it inferior to its parent language, despite having a vocabulary that exists entirely outside that of pu tong hua.

I will close, again siting wikipedia, which only offers one "English" in its search engine language options.

The General Explanations at the beginning of the Oxford English Dictionary states:

The Vocabulary of a widely diffused and highly cultivated living language is not a fixed quantity circumscribed by definite limits... there is absolutely no defining line in any direction: the circle of the English language has a well-defined centre but no discernible circumference.


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