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Best Steak?

X.x.~ (1 post) • 0

I asked my friend for delicious beefsteak in KM, but she told me there 's no good beefsteak in KM. What's your opinion?

tanfei (25 posts) • 0

my rec is to buy and cook yourself. for a nice sized steak, you can get them for 15yuan all the way up to 100 or so... i cooked myself a 20 one and it was absolutely delicious. carrefour, walmart, they've all got them.

fogdear (99 posts) • 0

metro has a good selection. and their beef doesn't have that weird smell that other beef seems to have at carrefour. the strip loin at metro is quite good. comes in a round a 2 kg package and you can have them cut it for you. the price goes up and down between 50rmb to 70rmb per kg.

Dan Siekman (102 posts) • 0

As for restaurant options, I've heard good things about the periodic steak nights at Lazy Bones Pizza. Sandra's did a steak night last week, too--but not sure if it was a one time thing.

sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

No, it wasnt a one time thing. We (Sandras) did now several steak nights and we will do it once or twice a month in future.

There is also a local place with pretty good steaks called City Garden. Local meat of good quality.

snakey (9 posts) • 0

I have had a good steak at a new restaurant, on the 4th floor of the new mall which has opened on the cnr of RenMin Zhong Lu and Zheng Yi Lu.
Right on the lukou is an escalator by KFC; go to 4th floor..a new ice skating rink is opposite the restaurant; great salad bar and desserts all included for less that Y40.

kmtravel (6 posts) • 0

Sandra's for sure keep your eyes out for Steak nights in there Lovey Aussie cuts on Tuesday amazing washing down with Aussie amber nectar

coonilicious (8 posts) • 0

Actually there are some very nice upscale restaurants that provide decent food, some of them are well within the Yunnan University limit. There is one next to the exhibition hall close to the entrance of CuiHu Park. There is a small street going in, and there is one featuring traditional style building. They make awesome foie gras also. Sorry I forgot the name :(

dtantan (1 post) • 0

The best steaks I've ever eaten in Kunming were clearly at Sandra's. We went there on Australia Day, and could eat as many steaks as we wanted. My personal favorite was a 500 gram T-Bone (Black Angus) with coarse salt and homemade herb butter.
I've already tried many of the usual thin steaks in Kunming, but this was by far the best!

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