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calling all artists! ~~art collective in kunming

alyssa_爱思 (10 posts) • 0

To all of Kunming's artists~
I'm hunting for artists and art enthusiasts who would be interested in working together to build an art collective in kunming, both an actual studio space as well as an arts community devoted to promoting arts in kunming.

I am looking to set up a studio from which I can do my painting, drawing and glass working, and am looking for other artists interested in sharing a studio space.

Beyond just setting up studio space, I would like to organize a broader artists collective that is is devoted to developing the kunming art scene. i would like to eventually offer classes and workshops, organize events and shows, put out small-scale art-related publications, and the like.

this is just a rough outline of what I want to do, if you want to know more about the project i have in mind, or if you have any suggestions, ideas, or recommendations, please let me know!
if anyone is interested, please throw your ideas out on this forum or contact me directly. I'll be back in kunming at the end of sept. and will be beginning work on this project immediately.
-alyssa j.

Unshakentomato (1 post) • 0


As a maker-of-images, living in Xi'an and planning to move to Kunming, I'm interested in your idea. I just sent you an Email.

aviconant [at] gmail.com

ghost (18 posts) • 0

Alyssa, have you heard of the KCC? We are having an exhibition on Saturday December 18th 2010

Are either of you two still around?

slabo (55 posts) • 0

I'm as far as you can imagine from artists. Form follows function for me, no matter how ugly the 'form' I come up with looks.
I'm a what you cal the amateur tinkerer, and I really like building stuff. Interested to see how others setup their studio. Ideal setup in my mind: One big room, ground floor, plenty of tables and closets .. high ceiling with ceiling fans... And most importantly a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit; I often get 'bright' ideas. As far as workplace setup, I'm similar to artists.
So who else is on the list? What do you do, how do you do it?

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