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shipping rx to kunming/china

GeogramattGeogramatt (202 posts) • 0

still keep my health insurance back home in the states because i have a medical condition and need special rx that isn't available in china

was planning to have mother dhl/fedex/ups it to me, but she has discovered some discouraging news on her end:

"I inquired today of DHL - they say you'll need a Medical Inspection Permit from the Bureau of Health and Sanitation in China. "

"I inquired at FedEx and their fat guidebook (the SRG) said that: you'd need an inspection permit (not exactly the same name or dept. listed) and that it would go thru customs which can take up to a month for Rx's, and that there could be duties to pay."

anyone had any experience having rx express mailed from overseas to china?

did you declare it as such and go through the hassles described above?

i don't have enough time before my current rx run out if its going to sit at customs for a month.

any ideas?

ps. maybe i just haven't checked hard enough at the local pharmacies.
whats the best pharmacy in Kunming with the biggest selection of western drugs?

Lusia (10 posts) • 0

Sorry, can't help, but am also looking for some medication I haven't found yet, so if anyone has got a tip about a good big pharmacy...i'd like to know as well.

KAYARAK (12 posts) • 0

I had prescription medication mailed to me via USPS from US last May and had no problems receiving it. Though it was patches and not pills or caps. But packets were in small boxes with RX labels attached. A friend just stuffed them into a cardboard mailing envelope and sent them. I think it took about 2-3 weeks, but they showed up no problem like any other normal mailed package. So this was my experience, and I never even thought about it being a potential problem when asking to have it mailed. I guess ignorance can be bliss sometimes.

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

The first rule is that the rules keep changing. In the past I have used Fedex and USPS. Chinese customs wants a form filled out that the shipping company Rep here can fax or email you. Customs has taken a week or two after the package arrives. It has helped to have a copy of the prescription. You should tell them it is for personal use not for resale. If the medication is one of the pain medications like codeine they may check more closely. Of course you can take a chance and just send it.
Some of the USA insurance companies will now allow you to get a five months supply, so you an bring it back with you in your luggage.
A lot of common prescribed medications in America are not available here mainly because they do not use them. Sometimes you an find them in the big east coast cities like Shanghai.

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