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DJ'ing in Kunming...prices

Khodah (1 post) • 0

Hey everyone

As I go on with my 3 years here in Kunming, I have a friend who is a well known DJ, who is showing interest into coming to Kunming....he's from Vancouver Canada, spent 2 years as a resident DJ in Tokyo, and being named #4 top DJ there since he arrived...as for Vancouver, he was in the top 10 out of over 1000 people. He has traveled the UK and was compared to as the new dead Mau5. We have been friends for years, and wants to come visit. He's been to Kunming before and loves it! He asked me the other day " If I were to come to Kunming to DJ, what would the pay be like?" Im a prequent club go'er but dont know anything about it. My friends in the government have told me he could get about 1500-2000 a night if his credentials added up. But to me, I know they will be the ones who will just force their power to do it, and he would NOT like that. Is there some good promoter to get in contact with here in Kunming to talk to and organize such a thing? He has alot of demo's and is willing to give up any info on his recent achievements. His music is Electro-house to ......well.....Daft Punk with a new age kick...electro kick. All I know is that being here this long, and my club days here, small bar to large club, No DJ compares. Please get back to me if you know who to talk to.

Thanks all...

ps. sorry to all the other dj's....ive dj'd for 7 years....he puts me to shame and makes me look like a newborn child

gabe (5 posts) • 0

Hey man, I know you put this post out a while ago but i'm new to kunming and am in discussions with a few clubs about putting some nights on so we're looking for some good DJ's I don't suppose your mate made it down here did he or do you have any other contacts we could get in touch with including yourself?


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