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Chenggong area

judyk1 (10 posts) • 0


Looking to move to Chenggong area, we are a British family with three dogs. Any good communities or suggestions?

KMteaching (1 post) • +1

Depends where you will be working/ going to school. Have a look around, there are many nice parks in Chenggong if you have children might be a good idea to be nearby for picnics. playground visits etc.

jj123 (99 posts) • 0

To echo KM's point, if you live next to KUST as an example, there are a string of 4 parks in a row, that lead to another walking trail to goes all the way to the reservoir, not to mention some of the other local hills that the drinking/hiking group, HASH, I think.

This area is in University Town area. My family and I often go to these places, would probably be a good area for your dogs if that's what your looking for.

zehnerzehner (9 posts) • 0

The Hash does lots of trails around Chenggong. If you join the group, many people can advise you about communities there.

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