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Wechat Pay problems

Maham Khalid Rao (1 post) • 0

Hey guys

I'm facing this problem every time I try to top up my wechat pay. This message appears "Your personal information has not been verified. Contact your bank to provide full information or complete verification" but it doesn't direct me to any page..Can anyone help me ?

tigertigerathome (164 posts) • 0

It sounds like it might be the bank verification process. If so you will need to contact your bank. If it is a new account set up by your employer, you may need to get the bank account number, payroll number, or other details from the company accountant, before you go to the bank. When you go to the bank, you should take your passport too.

michael2015 (773 posts) • 0

Assuming this is an ID issue - I'm guessing you renewed your passport? You need to repost your new passport or visa, depending on the request - you'll also need to update your bank account (at the bank). My daughter just renewed her passport and visa (painful) and had the same issue - she simply uploaded her new passport images to WeChat from somewhere deeply buried in the menus (see link below).

Take a look here - you can do this online:


(um...is it ok to post INFORMATIVE links to other websites?).

tigertigerathome (164 posts) • +2

On a tangent, and more relevant to 'lifers'. If anyone renews their passport, keep the old one handy. We have had to do things in the past that required me to register with my passport details. We have had to revisit some of these, and I needed my old passport details in order to access files (paper and electronic) in order to use a facility or change details. This included, but was not limited to, banking.

I had a frozen bank account that took some sorting out. As well as the old passport, this also required me to get my old payroll details from an old employer who has now ceased to exist. So maybe keep safe any payroll details you have.

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