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Urban locust invasion

JanJal (1088 posts) • 0

Couple of days ago, late in the evening, we heard some noises from our bedroom.

As my wife went to check and approached the bedroom door, a big locust the size of a small bird jumped out from the bedroom to living room. I suppose wind had carried it all the way to our 41st floor bedroom window, which was open.

For once I was happy of all the toys that our son had left laying around living room, and was able to injure the beast with a toy baseball bat just enough for it to lose jumping ability. In the subsequent wrestle I managed to push it out from the balcony window.

If this had happened while were were sleeping, I'm sure the monster would have gnawed its way through the mosquito net in search of human meat.

The night is dark and full of terrors.

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YaXu5 (14 posts) • 0

LOL, thanks for sharing that story JanJal. I'm glad you spared its life, and vice versa. Yunnan government has been trying to exterminate them by deploying pesticide-spraying drones. The officials believe the locust swarm invasion migrated from Laos.

A fortnight ago, SCMP published a video report titled "Locust swarms in China's southwestern province of Yunnan met with pesticide-carrying drones." Did your uninvited guest look anything like the ones shown in the video below?


In case you're stuck behind firewall, I've taken the liberty to upload the Youtube video here for unobstructed download:


Mildred (14 posts) • 0

You have increased the number of your merchants. Till they are more numerous than the stars in the sky, but like locusts they strip the land and then fly away

You will sow much seed but locusts will devour it

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