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Wechat groups?

Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

As someone who moved to Kunming very recently and didn't have much chance to meet people due to Covid and work I was wondering if there are any expat wechat groups in Kunming?

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

I believe that there are lots of groups which have many 'expats' in. I am not in most of them.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

There are facebook groups.

The problem with Wechat groups is that once they get over a certain size, 50?100?, the person who started the chat is legally responsible for anything posted. This could include fines or jail, so most chats are kept below the magic number. Not enough for a general expat group.

Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

Ah right that would make sense. I don't use Facebook so no wonder I was having a hard time locating expats in Kunming.
In that case I guess I'll need to look for some more specific groups like DnD, football/sports, job groups etc.

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