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Hotel for foreigners in Shangri-la area

nicius84 (2 posts) • 0

hello, I would like to know some hotels/hostels names that can accept foreigners in this period in Shangri-la'.

Second question: Tiger leaping gorge guesthouses can accept foreigners for the night?

Third question: Yubeng village area is accessible now or has been destroyed by the recent landslides?

I am planning a trip in the area by the end of June but still checking about what is possible to do for us in this moment, I would be so thankful if anyone can give some advice! :)

nicius84 (2 posts) • 0

Thanks a lot for the feedback! yes I was considering Yubeng as well but I heard some hotels were destroyed recently so was not sure if by the end of June visiting could be ok or not...

nrich (16 posts) • 0

In Yubeng, we stay at Lobsang Trekker's Inn (香巴拉雪域 if I remember the Chinese correctly). The owner said Yubeng is currently open to tourists.

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