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herenow (354 posts) • +1

@dukeisme: If you're buying the crummy infrared heaters that they sell at the shop around the corner, then yes, those are prone to conk out, and even when they're working they risk causing burns or starting fires.

Oil-filled convection heaters are the way to go. Heavy and expensive, but relatively safe, durable, effective and quiet.

If past years are any guide, the weather should start to progressively warm up starting around now. I would bet that this will be the last semi-serious cold spell of the season.

JanJal (1196 posts) • +2

Got me thinking about low grade goods, their breakability, consumption in general, and how much it is a factor (in China in particular) that having to buy new ones creates GDP and employment to your own country and fellow citizens.

What I mean is that anti-consumption (for which reasons are plentiful) harder to sell in China because more stuff is sourced locally? In west if you have to buy new stuff, it's more often manufactured somewhere far away. Here not so much.

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