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Free Boston Lobster and dollar abalone

satii (80 posts) • -1

In two days, on the 26th, another Hema Supermarket by Alibaba will hold another grand opening. This time at Joy City Shopping Center on 环城南路168 across from Panlong River.

The supermarket itself will be ~6,000sqm. Massive. 5 times the size of that ice skating rink.

Imorted Boston lobsters (super delicious and my hands down favorite) will be free! 鲍鱼 or abalone will be on sale for 一块.

Discounted crayfish too, among other fresh seafood.

So don't miss out this Saturday. I'm guessing it will be jamed pack, unless you arrive early in the morning.

大悦城 or Joy City is listed here:


Geezer (1927 posts) • 0

Trying to figure out what a "Boston lobster" is. I grew up near Boston and sold lobster in a market when I was in high school. We just called them "lobsters," or "Maine lobsters" no matter when they were caught.

The Boston Lobster Company exports lobsters to China. As they can be caught from Massachusetts to Canada they are actually "North American lobster." The state of Maine insists they can't be called Maine lobsters unless caught in Maine waters.

Oh, the best tasting size is about .6 to .7Kg. Make sure they are live. Boiled is okay but I prefer them baked, stuffed with crumbed Ritz crackers soaked in butter.

satii (80 posts) • -1

Kind of like in Chongqing, hotpots there are just called hotpot. But elsewhere they are refered to as Chongqing Hotpot. Same with Sichuan restaurants respectively.

The Boston lobsters at Hema are on average .4 to .5 kg. A few are super massive, over 2kg imo, sold for 999rmb a pop. They prepare them by steaming not baked. Garlic and prepared sauce applied afterwards prior to serving. Four other preparation methods would vary. Whether from your hometown Boston or Maine, they are truly delicious.

Btw, only first 100 lobsters are free. Entire half kg lobsters mind you. So expect early queuing. 16cny for preparation fee.

tigertigerathome (90 posts) • 0

Free shell fish will be over popular. I thought limited offers like that were stopped because of a stampede over cooking oil where three died, in 2007.
Basically, a Chongqing supermarket had 200 bottles of oil on special price. People were queuing from 4 am. When the doors opened a stampeded led to tragedy.

satii (80 posts) • 0

When it comes to necessity sustenance like rice or veggie/peanut cooking oil promotions, Chinese senior shoppers can go berserk. Perhaps even non-necessity sesame oil (芝麻油) for their Chongqing hotpot condiments.

If a limited supply are given away, an innate survival fight or flight switch is turned on. The only flight is towards the cashier. Engage with caution as grannies turn Hulk green. They'd be battling denture and nails without mercy, putting Draymond Green and Chow Yun-fat to shame with their flying tiger elbows hidden dragon knees. Don't underestimate a mob of elders because of age. I've been pushed around by them on numerous occasions. Though less agile, they have experience on their side.

Imported lobsters are luxury goods that may or may not be on their radar. So hopefully no stampede this weekend, nor tragic collateral demise of young exapts from running of the laotou bulls.

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