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Tips for job hunters

john-doe1983 (69 posts) • -2

So you are looking for work, here are some tips on how to contact a employer and some hints to get your resume read.


Remember this is the first contact with a potential employer. First impressions are important.

1) Oh I thought this was for........

Always read the advert in full.

Normally the employer will give details about the position, location, working hours and what they expect from you.

2) Where to submit my application

An employer will ask you to contact them in a certain way whether that is via phone, email or through a site. This is for a reason. Let's say you are applying for a teaching position and the employer wants someone with a neutral accent they might ask you to call them on the telephone. Or if it is a copywriter position they may ask you to email a resume plus some example of previous work, this is so they can see how much attention to detail you have.

3) Double check

When submitting your resume, please check it for mistakes (F7 in word will normally catch a lot of these), ask your friends to look it over before sending it.

4) Which position are you applying for?

Always tailor your resume to the position that you are applying for, if you are applying to be a manager then highlight all the managing positions and experience that you have, don't spend half a page telling them how you used to flip burgers at McDonald's.

5) Keep it short and simple

Make your resume as easy to read as possible, it is okay to have a little flair, but if your resume needs a codex to decipher it then you are doing it wrong.

6) Apply for the right position

Try to apply for positions you can actually do (unless they offer training) because an employer will normally hire the person with the most experience. As this will save them time and money.

7) Ask for feedback

If you send your resume to a company and you have not heard back with in a week then contact them, ask them if they have received it, and for any feedback about why you were not considered for the position. Not only will you get valuable information that can help you land a different job, but the employer might even reconsider your application as you have shown initiative and a willingness to learn.

8) Make your contact information Prominent

You don’t need to include your address on your resume, but you do need to make sure to include a phone number and professional email address (not your work address!) as well as other places the hiring manager can find you on the web, like your wechat or linkedin. (but remember to keep these social media profiles suitable for prospective employers.)

9) Experience First, Education Second

Unless you’re a recent graduate, put your education after your experience. Chances are, your last couple of jobs are more important and relevant to you getting the job than where you went to college.

10) Kill the Short-Term Jobs

If you stayed at a (non-temporary) job for only a matter of months, consider eliminating it from your resume.

Remember to keep your resume up to date, sending a resume from 2 or 5 years ago will not help you.

herenow (350 posts) • 0

An odd post. Definitely out of the ordinary for john-doe1983. But good grist for feverish speculation.

After all, one can't rule out the possibility that this was a pre-arranged signal to Langley and a tactical extraction team is airborne en route at this very moment...

Ishmael (462 posts) • -2

How to fit into a format that you will come to hate - well, yeah, sometimes maybe you need to if, like, you need an income. But it's a bs setup arranged by a social system that you're never in control of. The Cylons Are Here - and They've Got a Plan (they're giving highly sophisticated 0-1 exams for volunteer slaves in the back room, and they all wear suits).
@Herenow: Haha, beautiful speculation, who knows the inner workings of anything these days? Often best just to turn it all off and Watch The Skies, nobody can really live in that other place.


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