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Can you recommend a golf course here?

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

My parents are coming to visit their marooned son in the end of this month and since my dad is a golf afficionado I'd love to hear if anyone can recommend a course near Kunming that has an affordable greenfee.

I would have loved to play the Lake Course down south but the fee is a staggering 3600 kuai for a round with me and my dad so that is out of the question. Any suggestions?

legend (4 posts) • 0

Kunming Country Golf Club

Kunming Country Golf Club, which is 18 holes, 6,918 yards, par 72 championship course, was designed by the famous designer Mr. Les Watts from Australia, and cover an area of over 1,300 mu in Luoyang, Chenggong County which is surrounded by the beautiful landscape and full of fresh air.

The 6,918 yards golf course sweeps up and down the high lands among all year flourishing flowers and jungle lined fairways, Such wildly different fairways offers you diversity of golf experiences.

RMB860/18 holes inc caddy car

legend (4 posts) • 0

Sorry, RMB 860 weekends, RMB 660 weekdays

Sunshine Golf course: RMB 1058 weekends, RMB 910 weekdays

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

well,, at least that's cheaper. I still don't get why the greenfees here are so steep,, it's still China after all. Compared to St. Andrews Old Course which is one of the most famous and sought after courses in the world and their fee of 1200 rmb this sounds a little too government officials and businessmen like to me. I might splash out the 660 after all though,,

excellingsh (3 posts) • 0

Might want to check out Spring City Golf and Lake Resort. According to various Golf magazines they've been voted number 1 a few times as far as Asia courses go. I'm sure their prices have dropped since they've originally opened. But they are kind of far out of the way. Visit www.springcityresort.com for more info as I do not know their prices.

Thefossil (1 post) • 0

Contact Joan 13416753830 or mail joan@openfairways.com, tell her the booking the course and she will get you a further discount, but if you not gonna show call her. Try Lake view Dianchi road very challenging, they also take forign credit cards.

Stitch (3 posts) • 0

Has anyone played Lakeview Golf Club? Looks very nice and I've wanted to play it for a little while. I'm afraid my game is rusty though so I'm not sure of the difficulty level there.

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