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Heavy metal bar for fun?

lemon lover (907 posts) • +1

Heavy metal bars are only fun for the hearing impaired. For the rest of humanity it is shear hell.
No I don’t know any and if I did I would avoid it as the plague.

lemon lover (907 posts) • -1

I am not trying to be mean.

And I don’t like “main stream“ music either.

Just don’t think that heavy metal is so much fun. The dB level is such that you cannot properly interact with anybody else so if you like to be isolated and call that fun then indeed it might be the thing for you. For some people it is and that is fine to me. Good luck with it.
FYI: German slager and country and western at normal dB levels are hell to me as well.

lemon lover (907 posts) • 0

Sorry I didn’t understand the word “mosh”. Looked it up and still don’t understand it. Because of that disregard all my earlier post because I didn’t get the IP’s intention.

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