Cycle route out of Kunming

Charles Taylor (10 posts) • 0

Hi me and my girlfriend have road bikes and are looking to take 3 days to cycle out of kunming and back again. Are there any nice scenic routes? we're looking to do like 60km a day so nothing hectic and would need to have accomadation on those 2 nights. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Charles

ricsnap (171 posts) • 0

You can go to Fuxian Lake, passing by south of Dian lake for a little more that distance.
I did it during a festival, i. e. 3 days, and it was cool!
You can find any accommodation just looking on ctrip.

[email protected] (16 posts) • 0

Cycling to Fumin via Bamboo Temple is nice. You can stay in Fumin or camp at Lion Mountain. Then on to Anning via Qinglong scenic area, a beautiful road through a river gorge. Coming back from Anning is not so great, the road on the west side of Dianchi is really busy.

vicar (757 posts) • 0

I found cycling to the Turtle is OK and didn't have too many issues arriving. Cycling back proved difficult and took me 2 whole days! Fortunately, I managed to find places along the way to rest and gain support for the whole ordeal. I will never attempt to cycle outside of KM after this experience! Great scenery all around though

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