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kundu stabbing?

piers (144 posts) • 0

It happened outside Soho at about 2am on Sunday night. There was an argument that started inside and spilled out onto the street outside Soho. Two Thais were attacked with a knife, one escaped with minor injuries, the other was fatally stabbed.

The attacker was caught initially by Soho security and handed over to the local police. The knife was also recovered. All witnesses as well as Soho security were interviewed by local police, homicide detectives and the police division responsible for foreign affairs.

Yunnan Normal University and the Thai Consulate were both notified within an hour of the incident and sent people to the police station in the Kundu area.

The police will spend the next few days compiling a case against the attacker and then charge him with a crime. It is unclear whether Soho will be held responsible for any negligence on its part in allowing a knife to be brought into the club.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Murder on a foreigner? Looks like someone's family is gonna get billed for one piece of hollowpoint bullet pretty soon. Bad news for Sohu too,, murders in clubs tend to mean closing down for months here in China. Maybe a couple of well stuffed envelopes and the fact that the stabbing itself took place outside could change that (,,one could argue. I would of course never imply that bribes like that happen).

Speaking of club murders. I heard there was a murder last year at Pandora in Jin Ma Fang. Can anybody verify?

numlock (6 posts) • 0

Tragic. The club should definately accept some of the responsibility for this. Their security must know better than anyone how often violence breaks out down there, and they have a responsibility to protect their paying customers. It's black and white as far as can see. Shut the place down and send a message to all the other clubs in kundu. With the threat of closure hanging over them you can be sure that the neighbouring clubs would improve their security pretty quickly. Sadly, it would all be irrelevant for the victims family.

piers (144 posts) • 0

The Soho security people were extremely keen to impress upon the police that the stabbing took place outside the club. Their head of security, as with most clubs in the area, has strong connections with the local police. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to avoid any penalty.

There have been a number of incidents in Kundu and other areas over the past few years.

3 months ago a man was stabbed outside Top One. Last year a man lost his arm after being attacked with a machete outside Cobra. Haoledi KTV near the Hump had a fatal fight 2 years ago and the original Babi closed after 2 people including 1 bouncer died in a massive fight between Babi security (who were famously prone to beating up customers) and a group of WuJing (who are famous for beating up anybody they don't like)

All of the above incidents resulted in closure of the venues except Top One as the fight was not linked to the bar. All have since re-opened though Cobra has moved and changed its name.

@Danmairen - I don't think anybody has been killed at Pandora, indeed it has been open for less than a year.

It's really a bad idea to get into a fight in Kundu or JinMa. People do carry knives and are more than likely to pick up a bottle if they don't have a knife handy. Security don't care unless the fight is inside and will often eject people and stand by as the fight continues outside. In a few cases I've seen security guards join in.

In my time going out and working in Kundu the main (if not only reason) that I have seen foreigners get into trouble is by turning up in the club, not buying a drink and scrounging off other people. When they are invited to a table of local people they drink a lot and hit on the girls and ignore the guys. 3 years ago Top One banned all foreigners from the club after numerous customer complaints.

One guy, not even 20 years old, is dead and another of the same age may well be executed all because of a disagreement over a table. Tragic, pointless and a complete waste.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

It happens in many clubs from time to time. In the USA and everywhere. When people start to drink too much they seem to think that they are 'tuff' and want to fight. Of course it only takes a few to ruin the reputation of many. Some chinese nationa menl are jealous of foreigners because ladies give them more attention and because of that they don't like us. Fair to say that some foreigner too think that they can just come in any courntry and they should be treated special and disrepect the rule and law and culture of the country they are in. That is why I avoid the 'club scene' all together and prefer to go to a quiet entertaing place. Remember foreiginers! We are guest in this country so be respectful! Behave yourselfs. My condolences to the families of the victims.

treebeard (4 posts) • 0

yes, we are guests in this country...but really, its best to not get into an altercation from the start, not because they have knives, or whatever, but because there really is no point...we can have our opinions about things here, but its still not our country and we are the super-minority here. Nothing is gonna change...the same dumb questions will be asked of you by everyone, 100 "hellos" a day shouted at you as you walk down the street like you are some monkey in a zoo or something, and of course...girls giving you more attention because they want an easy life or think they can get a ticket outta here. But...think about this; WTF is the point of even going to kundu? Shitty outdated music, fake people, you have to scream in someones ear to have a conversation, overpriced drinks, dissssssgusting girls, face.face.face. Did I mention the shitty music? Let them live out their 1970's there...BOYCOTT KUNDU!

rollsroyce (26 posts) • 0

I feel that soho should also take responsibility in this case and close down.
Foreign student dead shouldn't be a case taken lightly.
As for the murderer, we'll see what fate he awaits.

I think if foreigner's come to China, they should spend more time studying mandarin and travelling, or spend time at foreign owned bars near Yunda and just chiiilllll, not go to nightclubs then cause trouble. Trying to prove your tough to local chinese guy's there is just a plain waste of time and energy.

Condolences to the victim's family.
Peace be with everyonee.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Right,, before it gets all Us and Them I just want to say that I have never seen a fight in Kundu (I know they happen of course) and I have probably been there at least 40-50 times. The closest I saw was a Chinese chick smashing a bottle trying to mash it into another girls face,, thank god someone grabbed her before she got too close. A drunk Chinese guy told me to "Fxxx off" once because his equally drunk gf wanted to dance with me,, I took a hint and left the place.

Apart from that I only ever met friendly Chinese people and I am glad having seen a couple of fights in Jin Ma Fang and Beijing,, Chinese people haven't got unspoken rules about fighting and I've seen more than my share of unconcious people being kicked for a long time after they became defenceless. Captain Obvious states: Stay away from anything that could turn into a fight in this country.

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