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Frugal or wasteful?

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • 0

"Winter is Coming"...

So far winter just feels a bit warmer than previous few. Quite pleasant for entire year thus far. Will get colder next two months like others have chimed in.

I agree with advocates of putting on more clothes in lieu. This could be beneficial from an energy conservation standpoint as well. We're in Spring City after all, not Beijing or Shanghai with their mandatory water heaters.

Unless one is a hermit holed up beside e-fireplace all day, best to cover oneself in comfy Uniqlo Heattech Ultra Warm clothing beneath down jackets. Granted questions of frugality can be further debated for shoppers at this pricey Japanese retail store.

Nonetheless, there's a good reason Uniqlo was the overall top seller on 11/11. Their heat retention fabrics are second to none. Current b&m store-wide sale from 12/7-12/11. Perhaps a bigger b&m sale on 12/12. We'll see.

Ishmael (462 posts) • 0

In this climate commonsense warm clothes are more than sufficient, no need for anything fancy or expensive. Not saying such clothes are not good.
Simple problems, simple solutions.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +1


Agreed. Sometimes quality can be acquired at a discount if you know where & when to look.

On Wednesday (12/12), those with UnionPay (银联) app or UnionPay via major bank apps can deduct:

50 from 100rmb at Uniqlo

50 off 100 at GAP

30 off 60 at Miniso

20 from 40 at Watsons

^Above-mentioned businesses are actual b&m stores in Kunming.


Also next Saturday on 12/15, TKP Shopping Mall (同德昆明广场)situated above KRT Baiyun Rd Station is holding a major anniversary sales event. 50% coupons up for grab every morning at 10am, which we've accumulated 900rmb worth. They can be used at Uniqlo. 600rmb max voucher accumulation per purchase for each store.

GoK Listing:



Heading south to warmer clime is also a good idea, aforementioned by @cloudtrapezer

Ishmael (462 posts) • 0

Is this all frugal or wasteful in regard to people in fragile health living in heated/unheated housing?
Anyway, I've got a good sweater and cheap long underwear.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +3

Life is too short for "cheap long underwear." This X'mas, pamper yourself with Uniqlo's Heattech LifeWear. Featuring cutting-edge microfiber ten times finer than the human hair. Neither waste of money nor being wasteful.

JanJal (999 posts) • 0

We'd like to heat our bedroom to avoid having to sleep in double-layers under blankets, and having a nearby place to escape to on coldest days.

But based on previous winters experience with such heating...

While we would sleep comfortably in the bed, the heat would not be sufficient to also keep the walls and the window warm, and thus even more moist would condense in those places and increase fungal growth.

With a baby sleeping in the same room, both having more growth in the room and treating the walls with toxics to avoid it would be risk factors.

Cheapest (though not effortless) solution for us would probably be to heat away, and just make the time every morning to wipe all moist from the walls and windows.

Could also consider adding air circulation somehow to spread the heat around the room more efficiently, but it should be silent and not add cold draft instead.

Come to think of it, must actually look at those electric fans with no moving parts [edit: they have moving parts].

dolphin (509 posts) • -2

you know how penguins stay warm, right?

they form a circle. the penguin at the center will be the warmest as he/she is surrounded by other penguins and is kept warm by their body heat.

in contrast, the penguins at the outer perimeter of the circle are the least warm as they are most exposed.

but here lies the sheer genius of this mighty penguin trick! they keep alternating positions.

so my suggestion is to get some pet penguins. you'll need at least 6 i think for this to work.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • 0

May Lord Baby JJ and The House of Jan stay balmy, frugal & fungal-free!


@dolphin's comment gave me a chuckle. Do the others refer you as Happy Feet in your weekly emperor anonymous orgy meetups? lol

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • 0

JanJal, it sounds like a dehumidifier would suit your needs. Not only will it reduce your steaming of windows, etc. from your breathing, it will also reduce damp in the room. If your bedding is even slightly damp it will be a lot colder.
Some of the more expensive dehumidifiers run very quietly. If you get a dehumidifier, run it 24/7. You will probably need to empty it at least daily for the first few weeks; and then gradually less often. You will be surprised by how much moisture is in the room (bedding and walls).

NB if anyone uses a steam/humidifier, a common must have item in the supermarkets here, throw it out. They cause mould and unless you have antiques or rare musical instruments they are not needed.

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