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LawLaw (3 posts) • -1

Hi everyone,

I'll come living in kunming in 10 months.
I'll have a small business but I don't find how to get a worker visa...

Don't want to come back in France every 3 months to do a new visa!
Do you have some issues for that? Like a small job or other?

Thank's !

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

With "having a small business", do you mean that you will register a company in China?

If you register a valid company like that, you will be eligible to get a work visa through your own company.

But if you do something else, perhaps so small scale that it does not merit the hassle of registering a company, then lot depends on what kind of business you plan to do, and what your qualifications to land a job with outside employer here is.

LawLaw (3 posts) • -1

Thanks for this answer JanJal!
I'll do a partnership with two chinese to create a hostel.
Do you think it could be ok for a worker visa?

dolphin (509 posts) • -2

You are going into business with two locals? You do realize that those things often end badly right?

JanJal (1243 posts) • +1

It is not just a matter of "doing a partnership".

You'll need to formally register a company, or be invited as shareholder to existing company, and have all the necessary paperwork done.

For foreigner investors, China has basically three different company types:

1. wholly-foreign owned enterprise
2. joint venture
3. partnership enterprise

If we take your wording of "partnership" literally, then your choice would be the "partnership enterprise" type.

And in fact, in your case of doing business together with two other Chinese persons, that's the only option.

If you were to have a "joint venture" company type, then you would have to cooperate with a Chinese company, not actual persons. So those two persons would have to register a company as well, and have that company cooperate with you.

Regrdless of company type, both registering and running a company in China create some expenses and costs.

There will be lot of paperwork, so I would seriously consider if you have what it takes - especially if you have no other motive or reason to come to China (such as marriage or prospect of such).

As previous commenter mentoned, there is always a risk of getting scammed and losing your money.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • -1

For foreigner investors, China has basically three different company types:

1. wholly-foreign owned enterprise
2. joint venture
3. partnership enterprise

1 - you set up company and register capital in china
2- your company coperates with a chinese company. you must have a registered

company back home. think that maybe will not allow you to work and get paid in china, not sure
3 - that company set up must be legally allowed to employ foriegner.

4- if someone wants to take your money and then employ you illegal, you have no protection for you and your money. as already said twice there is risk. the kind of risk that catches out many chinese people every day. there are no gentlemen in bizness here

dolphin (509 posts) • -2

If you plan to do business in China, I recommend you read Chinalawblog.com.

It has some cases of people being screwed by local partners. And also, by local spouses and their thieving mothers. And also, if things are not done by the book you may have problems.

But one of the latest blogs on there should be cause for concern. It’s a horror story about mister softee ice cream trucks.

The main point in the blog is that the environment for small foreign businesses in China is getting more hostile under xi and foreign businesses may be targeted.

Talks about govt official trying to shake him down with exorbitant taxes ... thieving employee truck drivers starting their own knock off trucks, slashed tires. And get this. A driver fired for stealing came back and threatened to kill the workers. What kind of a world do we live in where we can’t even steal from our employers!

LawLaw (3 posts) • 0

Thanks for your answers.
I notice that you seem worried about foreigners in Chinese business.
Only bad stories are told, good ones are not interesting. But I'm sure there are many.
Coming to China and trying this is obviously risky, that's why I wrote on this blog. But one thing is certain, I trust my future Chinese partners.
A lot of chinese people come in France to make business, why the contrary couldn't be possible?

iTeach (96 posts) • +1

the manner is totally wrong but the dolphin message aint totally incorrect,,rule of law is not as exact a science here as it is in France,,contract law is law with Chinese characteristics and business planning an research is often superficial

good luck

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