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colibris79 (16 posts) • 0

Recently my speaker's earphones-input connector has stopped working, so I was thinking about getting it fixed or just buying the component and try to do it myself. I've tried around Chenggong (呈贡), but I asked in a few computer stores and they said they can't do it and don't have the component either.

I guess I'll have to go downtown somewhere. I've read that near Yieryi street ( 一二一大街) and Yuantong Beilu (圆通北路) I can find electronic components. Is that right? I guess they will also fix electronic devices as well?

And is there in Kunming an area or market to buy computing stuff and cellphones?


PD: I know easiest thing would be to buy new ones in Taobao but I like to know where I can buy things around the city and do things "the old way"

colibris79 (16 posts) • +2

Could fix it right there. There is a small electronics market called

园西电子广场 where you can either buy components or get things fixed.


bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +1

Thanks for followup @colibris!

For future reference, those looking to buy new phones at a b&m store in Kunming may want to visit JiuJi (九机)chain. Renowned by locals, it's cheaper than most with reliable warranties.

Here's a 九机 storefront pic:


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