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Beware neo-nazi pornography laowei

Miyamoto Musashi (30 posts) • -10
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Do you realize how fucked up the media outside of China is becoming these days?

I know everyone on GK genrally wants to make smug comments and feel proud of themselves for their dry wit or whatever but think about this.

There are a lot of neonazi these days. Some of them look very clean cut or professional are well spoken etc.

Its probably not a good idea to trust all lao wei you meet if you are a young woman from china.

Be careful. There are more and more dangerous people around. Just because they sound professional or look very clean cut doesnt mean they are to be trusted.

So, for young women from the west just be aware that you are thought of as an animal by a lot of people in China, and for young women from China please be aware that lao wei can cheat and exploit people, they are not necessarily all good people.

Some of them are, some of them arent. Just be careful.

You dont understand how fucked up and evil things are getting online with neo nazi, 4chan, white supremacist total pricks.

Miyamoto Musashi (30 posts) • -10
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There is a wave of completely amoral, insensitive, narrow minded, arrogant idiot. Watch out for that.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • +6

Other things to be aware of:

Not all fruits and vegetables are organic, some are and some aren't.

Not all villagers are poor, some are and some aren't

Not all city dwellers have their own apartment, some do and some don't.

Not all airplanes stay in the air, some do and some don't.

Not all take-away food is sanitary, some are and some aren't.

Not all animals are cute, some are and some aren't.

Not all bacteria are bad, some are and some aren't.

Does that just about cover everything?

GoKunming (162 posts) • +7

ASatiricalBloke makes a very good point. On top of that, the first post in this thread has already been hidden by user down vote in its first few hours of existence.

At the risk of breaking our own rule on hijacking threads, should it be GK policy that if the first post of a thread immediately is hidden by user down vote, the thread is then deleted or locked? What would the threshold be?

alienew (422 posts) • -2

MM, I've seen growth of right-wing ideology and racism online, and such activity reported, especially concerning the US, but haven't seen it on the street in China. Have you? Where?
Don't understand quite what you mean by 'neo-nazi pornography' - are you talking politics, sexual offenders, people into pornography, or what?
By the way, I think everybody on the planet knows that not all laowai are good folks, or ever were or ever will be.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +7

@ Gokunming.

My 2c.
Although your suggestion would work, it is also open to abuse by individuals who don't like a particular poster, or who wish to retaliate.

I think moderators should look at individual cases, and threads/posts/posters, on their merits/demerits.

If a post is an obvious troll or troll bait, then yes, shut it down. If a thread degenerates and there is thread s4itting by OPs, close it down. If a poster is a habitual troller, then perhaps it should be decided if that person is making any valuable contribution to the site, or whether they are doing potential harm to the reputation of the site or the expat community in Kunming.
I think the ultimate question is not about freedom of speech, it is about common decency. Does there are lots of places on the internet for such speech. Is Gokunming an appropriate platform for, lets face it, unpleasantness.

alienew (422 posts) • 0

@tiger: I think that if you don't like the post then you don't have to respond. Why is that hard? Problem is the insistence of respondent posters on going on about the poster rather than either dealing with, or ignoring, what he/she is saying. Moderators can relax, unless there's a threat of breaking media-control laws in China; nobody is being harmed here and nobody is being forced to participate.

Bamei (36 posts) • +4

Not all posters are sincere, some are and some aren’t.
Not all bloggers are genuine, some are and some aren’t.
Not all contributions are useful, some are and some aren’t.
Not all people are trolls, some are and some aren’t.
Not all people get the point, some do some don’t.

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