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Rent a flat in Kunming

LisaBLC (1 post) • 0


I will come in Kunming for 2 months from the 8th of april to the 1st of june, and I don't know how to find a flat (not a big one, only one bedroom and furnished) near to the Dangsters Dance Studio, between the Xiaonan and Nanqiang residential district!

Where can I find something ?

Thank you :)

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

Firstly you need to be here in Kunming.
Second, ask at Dangsters, if you have some connection there, they can tell you where might be a good neighborhood for you.
Thirdly, most real estate is sold or rented at the neighborhood level. Walk around a locality, and there are real estate agents on most commercial streets. All the properties are displayed on A4 size cards in the windows. Many properties will be with every agent in the area, as such visiting just one or two agents (there are many) will cover all properties. They agents will happily show you around properties.
Short term rentals are not common, but there are other recent discussions on GoKunming, do a search. There is a discussion of renting short term in one of these threads.

If you are coming specifically for Dangsters, then they should be willing to help you. Especially if you have not paid yet.

SJayne (33 posts) • +1

There may be some places advertised on this website in the classifieds sections.
Or, the dance studio may help you (as others have noted).
Otherwise, it may be better- even cheaper, since it's just two months- to use something like airbnb (or the Chinese version, tujia www.tujia.com). It may be more expensive regarding the rent, but it means you wont be wasting money on every day household items, such as towels, linens, cooking stuff, etc., etc.... then setting up internet if you want it... the list goes on...! (that stuff may run into the thousands of RMB, so, you may actually save in both money and opportunity cost)... no rental house will come with that shit- basic furniture only!

Also, not too many agents will allow you to rent for just two months.

Good luck :)

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