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Forums > Living in Kunming > Linking MasterCard and Visa to WeChat

You were able to link your Mastercard? You lucky thing! I have no idea why my Mastercard wasn't allowed! Maybe it's something to do with the region where WeChat app was downloaded. I've tried a few tricks, such as changing region, language and even having someone send me a 0.10Y hongbao- all to no avail.

If I was permitted to open a Chinese bank account, then believe me, I would've done it!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Linking MasterCard and Visa to WeChat

Oh, if only! I just did a quick search, found this blog post ( ) which gave me some hope.
Went to set it up: entered my credit card number, clicked next and scrolled all the way down to the bottom where you find the option MASTERCARD or VISA and card type as credit card

and joyfully clicked- only to be greeted with a popup message stating "Card cannot be used for Quick Pay".
So... I guess not :( Please let me know if you have better luck or a work around this. I hate having to carry around cash :(

Forums > Living in Kunming > Apple Cider Vinegar

I just saw some apple cider vinegar- imported from Italy, but can’t remember the exact brand name, began with a V- at Q-Life market near Baiyun station. Looked like the genuine article. Price was 30 something kuai.


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