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Kunming video

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

Don't mean to be harsh but this video isn't likely to solicit too many likes.

A two minute video of a street with it's main theme being a couple of giggling kids!

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

I'm no expert, just the time length for these sort of videos doesn't give no time to get any real feel/knowledge about a place. This is just what I personally look for in a video about a place.

They had some nice views of places though.

NavyVet (40 posts) • +1

Thanks for the feedback!

I do have some longer videos 10-30 minutes but sometimes I like to just throw up shorter 2-3 minute vids kind of as a sample.

I have hours of footage I've collected from various places in China collected between 2015 and 2017 I just don't have much time to edit and upload them to youtube.

In 2018 I should have enough time to edit highlights together and have a longer length video covering 2 years of traveling in China.

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