Place to study some culture/history?

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While I mostly agree with you @alien, I believe that culture that is stopped abruptly and systematically destroyed only to be rebuilt decades later from a skewed version of history or based largely on a mixture of myths, 'traditions' and 'old wives tales' is bound to be inauthentic or at best less authentic. Some places were spared the destruction that most Chinese culture was subjected to which thereby makes them more 'whole' and more authentic. That's just my opinion anyway for what it's worth.

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Glad to know you are interested in Chinese culture. I think you can read books and watch some documentaries like A bite of China to learn it. Maybe you can aols sit in on classes of universities in Chenggong if you can understand Chinese.

And most importantly, it is better to interact more with Chinese cuz culture is embodied in our Chinese daily life.

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Have you considered the prolific Confucius Institutes dotted around town? Classes will probably be in Chinese though. You can also poke around the museums.

As you're already attending language classes - assuming you're with a university - ask the university's Foreign Affairs Office for recommendations. They should be able to refer you to both university courses, which you MAY be able to audit, and formal non-university sites - such as (and highly recommended) calligraphy instructors who can show you the many styles and histories of the various styles...if you seek something more ancient, rooted, and perhaps apolitical.

If you seek something more contemporary - investigate the massive and current belt & road initiative (BRI) and how China intends to develop its neighbors (as opposed to blowing them up, addicting them to drugs, invading them, etc).

If you're professionally experienced - instead of studying history - you can participate in it and make history...be a part of it...

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