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A delicious new Italian restaurant in northern Kunming

NinaC (25 posts) • 0

I would like to recommend a new Italian restaurant, The Box II. I just ate there last night and enjoyed a fresh salad, pizza, and eggplant dish. I'm going to have to go back for dessert, since I was too full to have some last night, and their tiramisu sounds heavenly.

The Box II is located near the Wicker Basket, at Beichen Xiaoqu-Beichen Zhonglu at the eastern end of Shangye Buxingjie (kind of near Metro). It is located on a peaceful pedestrian street and run by two friendly Germans. It is a relaxing setting and would be a great place to take friends or family. They also have free WiFi.

They have 10% off food this month (May) and 25% off drinks, so now would be a great time to try this new Italian place.

sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

Thanks Nina for making such nice advertisement for our place!

And Thanks for such a nice evening last night!

Hope to see you soon again!


ejpeter77 (2 posts) • 0

Could you please tell me the Chinese name? My husband I live in the area and would very much love to come visit you!


sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

Hi Erin,

we dont have a chinese name. Only The Box II, or I like to say The red Box :-))

Our adress: The Box II
Beichen Garden Walkway D-7

we are at the end of the walking street where you can also find the Wicker Basket.

See you soon


Disco (1 post) • 0

I ate there earlier this week with my girlfriend and had an excellent time. We had the pork special and the puntenesca. The pork was very good. The pasta was so tasty my girlfriend made me trade with her. We ended the evening with the house red wine cordial and chocolate cake. They went together wonderfully. With the food and drink discounts they have this month the bill was reasonable for two people at a western restaurant. We will return.

dougwyu (6 posts) • 0

We can add our positive votes. We ate there and had the gnocchi and ravioli and they were great. A good German beer, good cheese, excellent dessert. Definitely going back.

NinaC (25 posts) • 0

I was back at the restaurant two days ago and saw them making the ravioli from scratch. Yum.

JJ and Janice (324 posts) • 0

We ate there tonight (Sat) - - delicious. Altho a little off the beaten path - - worth the trip. We all need to support the "good" places so they stick around.

Cheers - - JJ

Putrijaya (10 posts) • 0

This was posted in the reviews section too...

I have eaten at the Box II about 5 times now and I can say that I am extremely pleased with both the service and the food. Sandra and Pierre make all the food themselves. Everything is fresh and hand-made as if you were eating at the home of an Italian family!

Every week they have a new list of special dishes that are fabulous! Their normal menu has a good variety of Italian fare. Domestic and Imported beers are available and all the prices are reasonable.

The location is quiet and the restaurant is very tastefully decorated. This might be good place for a romantic outing?!?

Here's some links to some of the dishes I had last time I was there!!! DELICIOUS all of them!

Some pics of the location and dishes...

Inside the Box II



Pierre's Baked Canelloni


Pizza Vegetariana


Sandra's Home-Made Bread, Provolone cheese, tomatoes and olives!


sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

Thank all of you for those very, very nice comments!!!!!!

Sandra & Pierre

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