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Need help with kunming Passport related matter

Jasmine JJJasmine JJ (10 posts) • 0

Hello good folks, was wondering if you have a local kunming friend who might give me an idea of how to update my passport and where to do it.

I was born in kunming a local, but ive been living abroad since i was young. its been more than 15 years and im sure my china passport has not been updated in kunming at all.

My permanent residency expires in 3 years time and i plan to visit kunming in a month or so. Should i be getting something done like visiting the china embassy for locals to tell them "hi, im still alive" things like that?

Would love some kind advices please. Locals would say i should be ashamed of myself and i am for not knowing these procedures or legalities in kunming very well.

thanks looking forward to some comments replies and trolls hehe

Jasmine JJJasmine JJ (10 posts) • 0

Liumingke1234 why do i need a lawyer care to elaborate? Ive not broken any laws just want to know where to update my passport and let them know im coming back in 3 years time. have somethings to take care of in kunming which i need an updated passport for

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • -1

Liuminke's advice is relevant. A lawyer, will know the law, and can more easily find the regulations. Also a lawyer is one step removed, there is no risk that you will create problems for yourself, just by asking; which could happen if you ask the wrong official the wrong question on your own. I would suggest a local Kunming lawyer that can be trusted. There is a lawyer who advertises on Gokunming who seems to have a good reputation.

lemon lover (964 posts) • +1

Any update of any passport outside the country of issue should be at the local embassy/consulate of the issuing country. I you are living abroad and have now a foreign nationality and passport you will have to apply for a visa for China like any other foreigner. Again at the Chinese embassy/consulate.

michael2015 (748 posts) • +1

Your permanent residency is Chinese Visa permanent residency?

If you're a citizen of a foreign country - then as @lemon noted - visit the Chinese consulate to update your residency status - don't wait too long, start the process about a year in advance, as you'll need lots of documentation, authentications, apostilles (depending on country of citizenship).

As you were born in Kunming and probably have a birth certificate to at least one Chinese national parent, you are eligible for Chinese citizenship, if you so desire, until the age of 18yo. You'll have to check the Chinese embassy/consulate website (which may not always be up to date) and immigration/visa law.

Here's weblinks for the Embassy and the Consulate of China in the USA, for convenience:

There's NO need to do keep alive visits at embassies or consulates.

The Chinese versions of these websites will have more information for Chinese citizens living abroad, which you may want to check, if you can read the websites.

You may also retain the services of an immigration and visa attorney or travel agency, but suggest you do research yourself first, so you are reasonably familiar with the answers, before you ask the questions. A savvy consumer is a wise(r) consumer.

Good luck - the city has changed a LOT since you left, with constant construction of new mega real estate developments.

Finally - no need to be ashamed. If you ever visit the Kunming Visa Entry/Exit office - you'll see it crowded with Chinese citizens and local Kunming people navigating the legal frameworks of passports, entry & exit, for the first time.

Welcome home - please have a safe and enjoyable visit with family and perhaps new friends.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • +1

I am confused about your post.

You were here 3 years ago.

How can anyone be a resident of any foreign country without a (Valid) passport from their home country?

Underage children must have a passport that is valid for 5 years. That passport must be renewed every 5 years until they are 18 at which time they will receive a 10 year passport.

The only time any person gives up their passport is when they become a citizen of a new country.

A lot of holes in your story - read your own previous posts before making new posts so you can get your story right.

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