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Chocolate Fondue

GracieMei (34 posts) • 0

We are looking to purchase a large amount of chocolate fondue.

Anyone know where we could find this in KMG?

I'm wondering if hotels here order it from somewhere where we could buy it wholesale?

Or even if there is a store that sells it in smaller quantities, that would work.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

l4dybug (87 posts) • +2

Those jogging at Green Lake, with newly partitioned joggers' lane, have probably noticed South entrance's newly renovated, three-story mega dinning establishment with spacious outdoor patio overlooking the now blossoming lotus flower pond. @Yunn Coffee Roasters is the main cafe (trial opening), which is supposedly an offshoot brand under parent company Maan Coffee (Korean coffee chain) situated nearby on the West end of Green Lake with a pretty awesome view on the second floor.

Soon to open alongside @Yunn Coffee Roasters will be Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. Offering fondues, chocolate pizzas, chocolate hazelnut spread crème brûlée, chocolate waffles/cookies/ice creams, and assortment of chocolate confectionery. Chocolate lovers in Kunming should keep a nose out for this multinational restaurant & shop's grand opening in the near future.

Check out the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar store in Manhattan (HQ in NY) to get an idea of their style and menu offered:


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