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CRH - China Railway High Speed

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Kun Ming Nan Zhan - The new CRH train station is located 500 meters from the corner of Lian Da Street and Jing Ming South Road. The train station is about 800 meters from the north gate of Yunnan Normal University (20 minute walk).

An E-Bike taxi from the Lianda Subway Station to Yunnan Normal University costs 5 Yuan. From the same Lianda Station to the new CRH Train Station is 8-10 Yuan.

Many buses stop directly in front of the north Gate of Yunnan Normal University but there is no official bus stop and there are no signs for any buses.

The Wu Jia Ying Bus Stop on Jing Ming South Road also shares access to the new train station. This stop serves buses 170, 216, C85, C86 and D25. The bus stops directly in front of the Heng Shui Shi Yan Middle School which is about 300 meters from the new CRH train station.

Still a lot of construction going on right now. The road to the train station is still not completed, just gravel and mud. Keep your fingers crossed. The CRH train is expected to begin service in late 2016.

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Thanks as always for your near encyclopedic knowledge of things in and around Yunnan...and for popping these threads again for reference.

I utterly loathe airplanes and airports, aside from the people-watching opportunities.

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For those who use the subway often like me, perhaps you have noticed that there is a recent addition to the subway diagrams just above the doors of the trains.

In the diagram there is a new line that connects to the Chunrong St exit. Of course that line is not in use yet but it leads to the new Kunming South Railway Station just 4 stops away.

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I've heard November 30th as the opening date for the HSR. The subway off-shoot/new line probably won't be open for awhile, seems like construction is still underway for that.

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Back to the subway topic.

I took the subway as always heading towards Lianda, but the subway stopped at Chunrong Jie where everyone was asked to disembark. I must admit this was my first time to stop there when I noticed they already have the third track installed and ready to go.

looks like the line to the CRH will be running by the December deadline.

Sidenote: The Pan Jia Wan area is not being repaved and ready for traffic. Thank goodness as this was causing major delays heading into Xiao Xi Men. Can't wait for the rest of Ren Min West Road to be repaved.

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