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Subway Sandwich Shop

tigertiger - moderator (5024 posts) • 0

Ok so I am out about town. It gets to lunch time . KFC, McD, or Subway? No contest.
Healthiest choice? No contest.
Stop what I am doing to go home and make my own sandwich? No way

Napoleon (1181 posts) • 0


You're in Kunming city centre and those are your only 3 culinary choices?

Just beside that Subway is a HK restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant and a couple of Japanese.

Near the McDonalds is a Thai place and a steak house.

In the same building as KFC is a tepinyaki restaurant and the only place I've seen lamb pizza.

Surley any of those places would be a change from queing up behind farmers going to KFC/McDonalds for the first time, then having them ask whats on the menu when its plastered all around them, and enquiring which meal comes with rice. Then trying to find a table, but struggling as everyone is sitting down but hasn't ordered food, everyone is just there for a place to chat. Then as you eat you're drowned out by wild children and their mothers, who've decided the place is a great location for a day out. On top of all this the food you ordered wont be ready but you may have to wait 5 mins for it, that should say something about the food you're about to receive.

Wouldn't thank you for it. Not since McDonald's stopped their strawberry milkshake, the only think it was worth having them blight every other street for.

tigertiger - moderator (5024 posts) • 0

And your budget for time and money is what? Btw I hate mixian, before some other idiot chimes in. If I want a sandwich I don't need some ass of a judge telling me 'baad'.

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

@Napoleon the biggest problem I have with sandwiches here is the bread. The best bread I get out of the supermarkets is the health grain bread and it's nowhere near what I'd call quality bread. It's also a bit tough to have the variety of fillings they have in Subway just stored in your fridge ready for any given moment.

So 'the flashing lights, tag lines and advertising have got to the impressionable' is not the reason I'd check the place out.

Napoleon (1181 posts) • 0

If I ever need bread I've found the French Cafe has enough variety. Failing that there is Teresa's up the road that serves unsweetened bread, as well as an Australian place in Wanda shopping arcade.

I have a 2 hour lunch like everyone else and It'll be a while before I queue up with the yuppies to get a sandwich at Subway.

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

You shop in the french cafe and talk about not queuing with the yuppies in practically the same breath lol.

Get over yourself ;o)

tigertiger - moderator (5024 posts) • 0

I have rarely had a two hour lunch. And not everyone lives in town and when we do go in we have things to do, other act like ' ladies that lunch'.
It is a bit shortsighted to think we all lead the same kind of life, or that everyone else fits into your model.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

I'd mostly rather eat chinese or indian food myself but it's nice to have the option every few months, finding reasonable bread and vegetables and sauce is not really worth it for the number of times I have sandwiches. Might be worth it if it was every day I guess.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Subway is located in the Shun Cheng Shopping Mall. Enter just above Zara.

The Subway shop is in a kiosk in the center so do not look to your right or you will miss it as I did.

Not bad.

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