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Dormitory in kunming?

olshika (12 posts) • 0

Hello, is it possible to get a room on an university dormitory even if you are not a student at the university? I am studying chinese on a private school, and I like sleeping on student dormitory to meet people and for the study environment.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Can't answer your question directly but I suspect not. However, I can state that not all university dormitories here are conducive to studying. That doesn't prevent you from sharing privately rented accommodation with Chinese students since there are increasing numbers of them opt to live out, despite having to pay for their university dormitory. A further consideration is that some universities tend to treat students like kids. Do you really want to volunteer to be part of that? 23:00 lights out, power turned off, even main doors (emergency escape routes) locked.

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