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a English name?

Luis Figo (44 posts) • 0

hello everyone,I am a Chinese guy,here is a problem about my name。 my chinese given name is Lei Qiao,and when foreigners read it,their pronunciation is wrong, it sounds very weird. so does anyone help to recommend a English name which's pronunciation is similar with my Chinese given name "Lei Qiao"? I really appreciate your help so much,and have a good night!

Liumingke1234 (3250 posts) • 0

Ray Charles was a famous singer and piano player. So what he was blind. Nobody will forget you name because they will think of him.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

@ Luis Figo If you genuinely want an English name, then go ahead and ignore the rest of this post.

In just over a decade I've come to understand that adopting an English name is widespread. However, delve further, it is almost commonly silently resented. Therefore, if it's a case of acquiescing then don't do it. Everything that is you is represented by your genuine Chinese name. It is likely your family deliberated at length to choose it. Your individual Chinese name represents everything that is you to those who you care about and who care about you: family, friends. It is your legal identity. Your name is loaded with cultural and family connections. My name is simple but commonly it's pronounced the same as a pair of ladies underwear (Nick 'knicker') - so what? Teachers I worked with from a European university used to thoughtlessly ask for an English name until I explained the mild but latent resentment. Furthermore, if teachers are too lazy or stupid to even attempt to show some respect by at least attempting to pronounce Chinese names, then...... are they intelligent enough to be teachers ? Can you imagine foreign leaders asking Xi Jinping for his Chinese name?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

That was a really nice and thoughtful response.

On that note - Qiao can be similar to bridge - so they can call you Bridge if the constant mispronunciations are grating on your nerves. The name is unique, easy to remember, and cool...ask anyone...and it can be used for both male and female names...it's generic.

I'm banned from using putonghua in public, after some apparently embarrassing and seriously offensive public mispronunciations...

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