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As a self-proclaimed TMall singles' day savant, I want to let everyone know presales for many flagship stores is commencing at midnight, tonight. Three weeks prior to main event on November 11 to spread out the overwhelming purchases nationwide to alleviate logistic burdens.

For example, the flagship store for Konka, the number two TV manufacturer in China, is holding a special sale of their 65-inch 4K TV for only 2 grand. That's a steal.

30-minute window to make payments, between 00:00 - 00:30. No customer limits as far as I know, so very doable.

So get your Chinese friends to help you out if a bargain 65" 4K is on your x'mas wish list.

I myself don't watch TV, so will be trying to steal a cheap sofa on other TMall flagship stores tonight.

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