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Where can I get Brazilian money (Reais)?

Markus (4 posts) • 0


I went to the main Bank of China branch on Beijing Lu today to get my hands on some Brazilian Reais. Unfortunately I was told that they neither have nor are able to order Brazilian currency.

Does anyone know where I can get 2000 RMB exchanged?

Thank you. :-)

Asanee (117 posts) • 0

As the Brazilian Real is not a major currency, not to mention that China is on the opposite side of the world to Brazil, you'll struggle to find it anywhere in China. Maybe in Hong Kong, maybe, but not the mainland for sure.

The following currencies can be exchanged in China: USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, THB, SGD, HKD, MYR. A few others such as Indian, Lao, Vietnamese, Russian, middle Eastern, South African and Scandinavian currencies should also be OK to exchange at some banks and in the case of Lao and Vietnamese currencies, in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces. All other currencies are virtually impossible to exchange or purchase so don't even try.

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